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EggFly is a free social net-lurking site built on many of the same features as MySpace and Friendster, but with a cleaner, easier-to-use interface.

It's easy to join and you can automatically import your profile from those sites after signing up.

Unlike MySpace and Friendster, EggFly is beautiful, independently owned, does not contain huge, flashing advertisements, and is not affiliated with giant, unsavory groups like Fox News and AOL.

EggFly also includes tools found on sites like Craigslist, LiveJournal, and Flickr, like free classifieds, multiple-blog capability, and 200 or more photos.

EggFly is a smart, intuitive, open community. Its characteristics evolve according to the input of its members.

You can find likeminded people based on thousands of variables: age, location, gender, favorite Atari game or ice cream flavor, relationship status, and people who have the same stitches, broken bones, or eye color, to name a few.

One of EggFly's many awesome features is the Anti-Profile which allows you to organize the stuff you hate with the same dedication as your favorites. Finally, you have a place to publicly slander the world's worst bands, movies, actors, words, and all the people who are dead to you.

Your free profile can contain hundreds of photos, unlimited html customization, and external linking.

EggFly is probably the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you. It isn't blocked from most corporate networks, so it's a great way to kill time at work. And frankly, if you're not already a member, you're basically embarrassing yourself and people are probably saying things about you behind your back.

Quick overview



EggFly is independently owned and has hardly any advertisements.

The Associated Press reported in July 2005 that "News Corp. purchased Intermix Media Inc., the owner of MySpace, for $580 million in July, mainly so that Fox Interactive Media can reach the site's 22 million registered users." Mediaweek, Business Week, BBC

News Corporation is best known as the owner of the Fox News Channel, but also also owns the New York Post, TV Guide, Harper Collins Publishing, The Times of London newspaper, DirecTV, 20th Century Fox Studios, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox Broadcasting (American Idol, The OC), National Geographic Channel, FSN, FX Network, Sky News, The Weekly Standard, part of Hughes Electronics, 175 newspapers (including 130 in English and 40% of Britain's newspaper readership), more than 30 local US television stations, and reports total annual revenues of approximately $23 billion (about $5 billion more per year than the entire country of Honduras).

While many MySpace members are concerned about being a part of the Fox News empire, MySpace's previous owner, Intermix, was hardly a pillar of respect before.

The New York Attorney General's office found in April 2005 that MySpace's parent company had secretly "installed a wide range of advertising software on home computers without giving consumers proper notice... the programs omitted 'un-install' applications, and even reinstalled themselves after being deleted." The investigation found that Intermix had placed more than 3.7 million malicious programs on users' computers in New York alone during its six-month investigation. Intermix paid over $7 million to the state of New York in 2005 to settle the case without admitting wrongdoing.

Friendster and the other alternatives are similarly flooded with advertising and corporate influence (Friendster's board of directors includes executive credentials from Disney, AOL, eBay, Yahoo, Orbitz, Sun Microsystems, General Motors, Amazon, and Northwest Airlines).

Because we didn't feel there were any good options, we decided to just start my own site as a choice for people who feel the same way. Beginning in August, a group of my friends tested, refined and customized the software. By late September, we were ready to start inviting people to join up and use EggFly.

EggFly has all the same features as MySpace and Friendster, PLUS a cleaner, smarter, easier-to-use interface, a buy/sell area, forums, comparatively hardly any advertisements, combined with elements of sites like Craigslist and LiveJournal.

EggFly develops and adapts based on the input of the people who use it. EggFly members are polled for potential changes and additions to the site. You'll never see a post from a cranky millionaire that says, "stop posting 'petitions' for features. i know what you all want, i don't need the bulletin or email spam." [MySpace's Tom Anderson, 9/4/2005] That's right, he considers suggestions and questions to be "spam." Sorry for being a pain in your ass.

After joining EggFly, you can automatically import your profile from MySpace or Friendster.







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